What Is A “Most Wanted” Supervisor Like?

Researchers face a lot of challenge with supervisors and all of us scholars are forever cribbing about the agonies we face at the hand of our supervisors. Compiling the suggestion of scholars and their problems, here is a list of the top ten qualities that each supervisor can have to get that “most wanted” supervisor […]

The Structure for the Methodology Chapter

Problem: The methodology chapter follows the literature review. To bring up more clarity and bring back the focus it is always better to recap the main problem that you are dealing with in your research. It is important to succinctly define the problem that you are primarily addressing in the research. Approach: The approach that […]

What Is a Good Structure of a Research Paper?

A research paper is more and beyond facts and thoughts and their presentation. The job of the researcher is to communicate his research effectively so the readers are able to grasp what is intended from the research.There are various concepts that go behind the structuring of a manuscript. A good structure is the one that […]

The Methodology Chapter Never Gets Accepted in the First Time. Why?

The methods chapter is one chapter that is examined very carefully by the examiners. The doctorate degree is predominantly a degree that is seen as research training and that’s why it is considered very important by the examiner to ensure that the researcher is thorough with handling the technical stuff with aplomb. As an examiner, […]