The Use of Projective Techniques in Research

Projective techniques have been found to be used by psychologists, more so to understand the those aspects of the respondents personality that are dormant or rest in the subconscious. In more technical terminology, when I say projective techniques, I mean those techniques that are a part of involving people to respond to indefinite stimuli. It  […]

Why Preconceived Notion is bad for Research?

Any research is effective and genuine only if the scholar’s knowledge-base is true to the fact and the data’s are collected and calculated from the firsthand means. Contents and the final outcomes thus mentioned in the thesis or dissertation is both reliable and beneficial for further study. The bottom line to intervene here is that […]

Tips on Using Archives for Research

 A large chunk of the PhD work depends upon archival research for many of the scholars. A lot can be retrieved out of archives, at both local as well as international level.  The first thing that needs to be understood is the difference between archives and libraries. For those who think otherwise, Archives are not […]