You Got to Race against Time to Finish Your PhD Faster!!

All the PhD students are worrisome about the time it would take to complete their research, dissertation and whether they would be able to complete successfully and move on. Most of the scholars take little more than the stipulated time they thought they would take. That is quite reasonable. But at the same time, there are many others, who struggle for several months or sometimes even years, so that finally they can finish but that takes a lot of time. Then there are also many of them who give up/quit along the way because of the frustration that builds up from the delay.

Today we would discuss some ways and techniques to avoid the pitfalls that are associated with an unduly extended PhD programme. Particularly the implications on research. What is surprising and good to know is that the hindrances associated with a PhD programme can be easily anticipated and avoided. You just need to be vigilant and aware of how best you can identify the causes that unnecessarily linger on your programme and find ways and means to avoid them. The key is to find out the steps to maintain good progress in your work that is not just at a reasonable pace but also consistent. If you are one of those scholars who already falls in the category of laggards and has fallen off the rails, all is not lost. Even if you are late, you can get on track and visualise for timely completion of the programme. Because you can only do it, once you surely make up your mind that you can do it. Whatever be your expertise of the course, whether you are a scholar in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, the approach towards better and more focussed time management is required and imperative for the course.

Finishing your PhD on time is not just important for you as a scholar but also it is a responsibility that you share with your supervisor. Hence, it is necessary that you work together. It won’t be surprising that sometimes a conflict may arise between you both and put you both’s interests at odds. I don’t know, how justified it is, but many doctoral students see their supervisors as crucial obstacles in the timely completion of their programme. Whether it is true or not, the onus of timely completion lies on you as end of the day, it is your PhD and your own responsibility.

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