Why Preconceived Notion is bad for Research?

Any research is effective and genuine only if the scholar’s knowledge-base is true to the fact and the data’s are collected and calculated from the firsthand means. Contents and the final outcomes thus mentioned in the thesis or dissertation is both reliable and beneficial for further study. The bottom line to intervene here is that a research footed on the real matter is different in many terms from the one based on a preconceived notion and influenced by some external factors. However, it definitely sounds an easy going task to carry out your research on the basis of predetermined thoughts, except a bitter legitimacy of the expected result.  Hence, it becomes important to understand the reason behind why preconceived notion is bad for research?-

  • Scheduling the layouts – Planning of the research depends upon the real fact and varies from the structure of thesis/dissertation up to the inclusion of content and the type of research methodologies to be included. However, in the case of preconceived notion any effective planning also deviates from its aim and lays a faulty foundation of research.
  • Execution of research methodologies – Hypothetical research also expects some genuine research methodologies for its result analysis. But, in the case of preconceived notion about research, none of the methodologies can work perfectly as results are already determined in your mind. Thus, you will never be satisfied with the existing result of the research conducted and if you conducts the research again in order to manage the result, according to your mindset then the indisputable result can never be achieved.
  • Analyzing data – Data analysis according to the actual method of research will only generate the true essence of the study. On the other hand, the predetermined mindset will analyze them only in the way that they want to see. This, in turn will generate a faulty result.

Thus, it is clear that preconceived notion is bad for research as it never fulfills the aim of the entire effort.

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