What Is a Good Structure of a Research Paper?

A research paper is more and beyond facts and thoughts and their presentation. The job of the researcher is to communicate his research effectively so the readers are able to grasp what is intended from the research.There are various concepts that go behind the structuring of a manuscript. A good structure is the one that has:

  • The right philosophy behind it: It is important to understand the right philosophy behind the paper when writing it. Know that the readers don’t simply read but they also draw interpretations from what they read. With their own understanding and level of expectation, different readers will draw out different conlusions from the way your paper is structured.

  • The key components are in place: If we have to define the structure of a research paper, an hourglass would be an appropiate word as the paper first begins with a broader picture of the topic and then narrows down to more specific studies. The conclusion part os again has broad considerations.

  • The diversity in the readers is kept in mind: A seasoned writer always keeps the diversity of his readers in his mind. The key is to strucuture the paper in such a way that the varied expectayions of readers from different background and expectations can be met to the best possible capacity. An amateur reader with basic knowledge and a hard core researcher of editor, both should be able to make sense from the document. That is they key. To do this, writers must stay away from jargons as not everyone is aware of them and only the specialists can draw sense out ofthem but when catering to a wider audience, their level of understanding has to be taken into consideration primarily. You should write with the assumption that readers do not now much about your topic of research.

An effective and expert author writes from the perspective of a reader and not a specialist reader but a general reader. This helps t structure out the manuscript in such a way that the wider interests are kept in mind and the flow of your ideas is in such a way that readers can figure out easily what to expect from which part of the manuscript.

Key concepts should be defined in simple and understandable language in the beginning of the paper itself so tht when the terminology is repeated in the remaining pary of the paper, the reader does not feel lost.

3 thoughts on “What Is a Good Structure of a Research Paper?

  1. A research paper can be named as a brief description of vast knowledge and research summarized in a short crisp format.

  2. A research paper should be such that it easily communicate the research to readers and interpretations should be crystal clear.

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