Tips to get funding in research work

Having a good innovative idea is just one aspect of marketing it. Getting funds to ensure that the idea can really materialize is the next big thing. You need to go about it in an organized fashion and try your luck at the same time. There are three things to implement to get the idea going. The first one is to identify likely sources of funding, preparation of the research proposal and finally having the process document laid out which gives the action points.

Possible sources of funding could be the Government, private industries, professional organizations and Foundations. The requirements and specifications for funding with each Institution may vary and you need to study it in detail before approaching them. To standout and be recognized you could follow these tips.

  • Demonstrate and display some core competency you possess. Your publications should display your ideas and skill sets.
  • Write a good eye catching research proposal. Opportunistic writing brings about a lot of benefits and convincing becomes easier.
  • Get to know the funding party well and their specific requirements much ahead. For this enough background work needs to be done and the background of the key people involved should be known. To catch the eye of Institutions or Foundations, ensure that you make some key presentations to that community.
  • For the first time tag along with your seniors who have got grants earlier. Learn from experience.
  • After presenting your research proposal ask for feedback and resubmit after making necessary changes within set deadlines.
  • Once given a grant, work on the idea and deliver it.

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