Things to consider while writing dissertation research methodology

Dissertation research methodology is one of the essential parts of the dissertation that can make or break the dissertation. There are a number of methods of conducting research. The research methodologies vary from one discipline to the other. Dissertation research methodology helps students and researchers in knowing tactics of conducting research. Additionally, students can justify why they used that particular method for conducting research. After doing research, it is important to write the research methodology with proper format, style, structure and layout. Students need to consider a number of things that help them in presenting their work in a well organized way.

Before applying any methodology, students should make sure that they are using the right method. There are two types of research methodologies –

  • Qualitative research methodology
  • Quantitative research methodology

Based on the type of data, students should choose appropriate research methodology. The research methodology should find out the best possible solution to the research question. Before proceeding with a particular research methodology, students and researchers should focus on why other methods are not being used for? Every methodology has its own value and significance. Dissertation research methodology is a key component of dissertation writing. Students who lack confidence in writing this chapter can opt for professional assistance. is a leading firm that offers top notch consulting services for master’s as well as PhD degree.

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