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Summation of the ideas expressed in a thesis, its objectives, theory propounded in the research work, and method used by the study to attain the goals is done in the synopsis of thesis. This is the first part of the research report that any reader comes across. So, writing a synopsis with caution and revising it till it seems to perfect is essential to ensure that your work makes a positive impression on the review committee, as well as probable publishers.

The information given in the synopsis must be enough to give an idea to the reader about the direction that the research will take and the outcome that can be expected. It should be written with precision, so that it attracts the attention of readers. Introduction is the first aspect of the synopsis, where the topic is explained and central issue tackled through the study is justified. The problem statement will form the crux of the introduction. The objectives of research and their importance will be stated next. The review committee must be convinced after reading this part of the need to undertake research. Since it is tough to express all this information in a crisp manner, professional Thesis Writing Help must be sought by scholars.

The references used in the research work must also be hinted at in the synopsis. The books and journals that you have included in the literature review will also give an idea to the reader about the value of research. The research methodology must be stated in brief. The research design is described in the methods chapter; but the approach followed, which can be qualitative or quantitative, has to be informed in the synopsis. The next aspect of the synopsis will state the contribution that the study will make to the field of knowledge or the industry. This is all the more important if the study is an applied or action research. While the objectives and contributions are surely necessary, the limitations must also be clarified at this initial stage.

Mentioning the data analysis method you have used for statistical research is also critical. If you are using specialized statistical software, name it in the synopsis. Finally, end the synopsis with the probable result of research. While writing this chapter, remember that it is like a trailer of the entire thesis, and must be made interesting enough. PhD Thesis Writing Service can help you in writing the synopsis properly and give a perfect starting to your thesis.

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