The Purpose of a Literature Review

Literature reviews have different purposes depending on the nature of the inquiry. If the purpose of the inquiry is to advance a position about the current state of knowledge on a topic, then you are doing a basic literature review. If the purpose of the inquiry is to uncover a research problem for further study, then you are doing an advanced literature review.

The basic literature review begins when you select and identify a research interest or issue for inquiry, this is the study question. As you proceed, you will narrow and clarify this question into a research topic. The outcome of the literature review will be the discovery and advocacy of a research thesis, which answers the study question. For instance, a class assignment or master’s degree Thesis help would require a basic literature review. The advanced literature review is the foundation for identifying a problem that demands original research, and is the basis for the study of a research problem.

In the advanced Research paper writing help, the researcher first addresses the current state of knowledge about the study question. Then, based on these findings, the researcher proposes a thesis that defines an issue for further study. Advanced master’s thesis and all doctoral dissertations use the advanced literature review as a stepping – stone for discovering what is not yet known about the topic. While basic reviews and advanced reviews seek different outcomes, the manner by which they uncover knowledge and produce a thesis are similar and parallel.

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