The Methodology Chapter Never Gets Accepted in the First Time. Why?

The methods chapter is one chapter that is examined very carefully by the examiners. The doctorate degree is predominantly a degree that is seen as research training and that’s why it is considered very important by the examiner to ensure that the researcher is thorough with handling the technical stuff with aplomb. As an examiner, he would look for certain things, particularly in the methodology chapter and would reject the methodology chapter or ask for a redo because of some specific points. They are:

  1. Does the researcher clearly know the difference between methodology and methods chapter?

  2. He has not given clear meaning of the technical terminology used and their association with the current theme of the topic

  3. There is lack of coherence between the methodology and the theoretical framework and the research tradition that has been presented in the study

  4. The researcher has not brought up the debates in the research tradition upon which the entire study is based.

  5. It is important that the methodology has to fit the research question presented. It has to be justified in the chapter very clearly. If there is lack of explanation for choosing a specific methodology is alignment with the research question then the examiner cannot find the fit and he may reject the chapter

  6. The research design has to fit up with the methodological approach

  7. The presented Literature review in the proposal/thesis has to be the foundation for the creation of the methodology chapter and it is important that it is positively justified through the references to the relevant literatures

  8. Each research is a master piece in itself and no tow researches can be identical as always the element of subjectivity would get inserted by the researcher. It is important that at the time of creating the methodology chapter, the researcher has to consider his own positioning and how it would add subjectivity and influence the results of the study. What would be the pros and cons of the contribution of the researcher?

  9. The methodology chapter has to clearly explain that the data that will be produced, how it would answer the research question and whether and how it is sufficient to answer them. If it doesn’t have convincing explanation then the methodology chapter can fall flat on its face.

The methodology chapter should be treated as the most crucial chapter in the entire dissertation document and should be handled in a much focused manner.

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