Mind Blowing Offers for Dissertation Writers

There is respite for scholars who are coping with the pressure to meet deadlines on one hand, and the escalating cost of research on the other. Chanakya research has introduced offers which cater to different needs of students and are reasonably priced. These packages are the product of years of experience of working with scholars and a thorough understanding of their needs.

The mother of all service offers is the UK dissertation full consultation plan, which will cost INR 39000 or USD 780. This package will include assistance for writing the entire dissertation, in subjects ranging from law, literature, humanities, environmental science and medical research to finance and banking. The service is provided by PhD consultants, who are subject matter experts and offer advice on each and every aspect of dissertation writing.

The next offer is for scholars who are starting with the research process. As a novice in research, you will need some sure shot help for making a perfect proposal. The package for research proposal writing, including consultation for topic selection, is a boon; and is available at INR 9750 or USD 195. Expert academic writers, who have been on the other side of the table and have judged proposals, take up the task of creating your proposal. No wonder, it turns out flawless, and you can surprise your supervisor with the accurate structure, rich language and explicit detailing.

There are subject area based packages also, because most scholars have week and strong points. If you are an ace at interviewing and documentation, but find it hard to get a hang of the statistical tests, then the Statistical consultation with Interpretation package is a blessing for you. It includes use of ANOVA, regression, non-parametric tests, as well as questionnaire formation. You have to pay just INR 17000 or USD 340 for this service, and you can get all the queries cleared from PhD statisticians.

For those who are mathematical geniuses, but find writing a challenge, there is a custom made package for writing the chapters of literature review and research methodology. Costing INR 16250 or USD 325, this service will ensure perfect language, grammar and presentation for the crucial chapters of your dissertation.