How to write a research paper outline?

Working on a research paper demands a whole lot of time and efforts. You need to decide on one of the many options which are available for research paper topics and also choose a specific writing style that would assist you in creating a brilliant research document. Carefully analyzing your research aim would make it possible for you to reach to a conclusion regarding how you would draft your research paper.

Writing a research paper outline is not that difficult as long as you know what the proper outline for the paper is. There is a huge population of research scholars who prefer writing a research paper outline in the MLA style while trying to focus on how to proceed with the creation of the paper. The sole purpose of writing a research paper outline is to present to the reader a sketch of what he/she should expert from the detailed document. The outline needs to be segregated into the following sections:-

  • Title– This section tells the readers about the title of research paper i.e. a brief introduction of the paper.
  • Purpose of Research Document– This is the next section which concentrates on the actual purpose of the paper. This is an introduction as to why the researcher conducted the research and what conclusion is likely to be reached to.
  • Introduction– Under this section, the reader is made familiar with the objective of conducting the research and which all factors prompted the researcher to conduct the research.
  • Research questions– This section contains the details of the questions that are being used for the purpose of research.
  • Research Methodology– This section outlines the methodology which has been used for conducting the research. The target group interviewed by the researcher is being described under this section. The method of sampling is also being mentioned here.
  • Data Analysis– This section focuses on how the data analysis has been done, which all methods have been utilized for analyzing the collected data.
  • Conclusion and Recommendation– This section comprises of the conclusion reached at after conducting the research. The research also includes some of his/her recommendations as per the conclusion arrived at.
  • References– This is the last section of the research paper which focuses on the reference material that has been studied for the research.

Now that you are aware about the importance of the research paper outline, it becomes quite essential for you to put special emphasis on the creation of your research paper’s outline as the same would assist you in gathering the confidence for the actual drafting of the detailed research document.

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