Dissertation Services for gathering and noting research information

Writing a research paper is a long-drawn process as it involves many steps. There is no fixed scale which can measure the time taken at each step; it all depends on the capability of the author and the crucial factors related to the research. The most time taking stage is, perhaps, deciding the topic and getting it approved. Very few researchers succeed in choosing a perfect topic in the first attempt. They have to review the resources, find the research gap, streamline their area of interest and then select a topic that is viable and presents ample scope for research.

If you are lucky enough to have got your topic approved from the research committee, then you can proceed to the next step, which relates to gathering of material for research. The resources which you will refer to for getting information related to your topic include books, encyclopedias, journals, magazines and articles. While many of these resources will be available in your college library, for some you may have to contact external libraries. Lot of material is nowadays available on the internet, as well. The resources, like articles, online research papers and e-books, can be downloaded, either free of cost or after payment of a price. Dissertation services can be incredibly useful when you are selecting references as the experts associated with these services will help you pick reliable and relevant resources, which do not have validity issues.

Once you have found the required references, you embark on the process of taking notes, either on the computer or by using index cards. Whatever mode you use to record information, make sure that you follow the correct format. The name of book/ journal, name of author, page number, date of publication and a description of the information that you are using must be available in the records. If you are not sure of how quotes must be used, or the level of paraphrasing that you need to do, consult the experts from Chanakya Research and get assistance for every aspect of gathering and noting information related to research. The records that you create at this stage will form a dependable basis for preparing an outline of your research report. Prepare a workable outline at the initial stage, and get it approved by your supervisor. This outline will be a list of the various chapters and sub-sections that your report will include and reflect the clarity and coherence of ideas in the report. Read here to get more tips for writing research paper.

Research Strategies for Academic Research

The internet is useful, but suffices in only rare cases because some of the best indexing and abstracting services are proprietary. The traditionally used sources are still needed, though most can now be accessed through the internet.

Most useful and widely used in searches before the advent of the internet are:
•    Consultation
•    Traditional indexing and abstracting services and
•    “Footnote chasing” (Tracking down the cited references in articles on the topic of interest)
Browsing through library shelves and citation indexes were more helpful but less widely used.

The most helpful and widely used strategy involved consulting others: persons who regularly share information with you, contacts at conventions and with other students and formal requests to those active in the field. Once you have located who these persons are, you can contact them through phone, email, or correspondence. You may find contacting information in the directories of professional organisations.

The next most useful strategy identified was a hand or computer search of indexing and abstracting services such as ERIC, Psychological Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts, Social Science Citation Index, and the other citation indexes. Citation indexing is rarely used as compared to traditional abstracting services.

Browsing the library shelves had a higher combined rating. As with consultation, the particular library collection you are browsing represents the selections of a particular librarian and / or faculty. Depending on the arrangements your library has with others, and / or your skill in attaining access on the internet, you can browse by Library of Congress catalog number in the online catalogs of some of the best research libraries in the country.

Citation indexes result from copying all the references cited in each article of the journals covered and merging them into a single list ordered alphabetically by the person cited. Thus, if you look up an author and title of an article in the citation index, you can find the journal articles that included it in their references.