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Features of Relevant Literature Search Help

  • Resources

    We have access to online database, print reference sources, libraries, journals and citation indexes. We narrow down our search for relevant literature through understanding your research topic and problem.

  • Sufficient Information

    We synthesize all the necessary information in complete details along with the authentic citations and references. The statements and arguments are provided to you with adequate background information.

  • Work Process

    We review group research studies and other relevant literature according to your research domain. By drawing inferences from the reference papers, we summarize each item of the literature appropriately according to its significance.

  • Tools

    Our consultants use various literature search and reference management tools to search the relevant journal articles, research papers, theses and dissertations and manage the references in organized manner.

Frequently Asked Questions for Literature Search Help

  • How can I get access to the reference papers and how many papers will I be provided with?
    Ans:We provide all reference papers, supporting the literature review in pdf format to your inbox. As per your requirements we provide you with reference papers. You’ll be equipped with minimum of 25 to 30 pages. To some of our clients, we have provided 50 papers too.
    Will you explain

  • What are the tips for selecting the Literature?
    Ans:The review should indicate the purpose of the study. You should avoid plagiarizing the sources used and keep a shift on your opinions in comparison to your hypothesis. It is preferable to use recent developments in the research domain and refer recent published papers/books.

  • When can I contact you if I have doubts regarding your literature review services?
    We offer 24*6 email support for queries and work completion. Our consultants are available for telephonic conversation where they can transfer your relevant doubts to subject matter experts. We also schedule skype calls when you avail our services and have doubts regarding the received work.

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