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Features of our MBA Resit Dissertation Writing Help

  • Understanding Requirements

    Our research experts go through your supervisor’s comments or the feedback given by your doctoral chair. Accordingly, your dissertation is evaluated closely from the beginning to end to look up for the underlying flaws in structure, format & language.

  • Revising Dissertation

    Reworking is done on all the ineffectual aspects of your dissertation. Only slight modifications are made where minor improvements are needed. But, if there are major shortcomings in the document, dissertation is rewritten from the scratch.

  • Checking Data Analysis

    Our team checks for the accuracy of your data analysis and the interpretation report. If the data analysis is found to be erroneous, our data analysts can analyze your data to ensure accurate results.

  • Editing

    Before finalising a dissertation, our writers make sure the content is strictly following the prescribed format of your University. An editing and proofreading check is also done to rectify typos/ spelling & grammatical mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions for Resit Dissertation Help

  • What all documents do I need to submit for availing your service?
    Ans:You need to submit the Draft Copy of your dissertation along with the comments recieved from your supervisor

  • Will you perform a Plagiarism-Check too?
    Ans:Our MBA Resit Dissertation Writing Help service does not include a Plagiarism-Check.

  • How will you deliver my revised dissertation to me?
    Ans:You will recieve two soft copies from our end – the first copy would be the clean copy with all the changes made and the second copy with ‘Track Changes’ enabled.

  • What is your average delivery time?
    Ans:For an average 30,000 words document, we take approximately 15 days

  • Do you assure Dissertation Acceptance? Will you revise my dissertation, if rejected again?
    Ans:Our highly-experienced writers assist you with high-quality work. However, we do not assure Dissertation Acceptance. Also, we do not provide Dissertation Revisions.

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