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Features of Research Gap Search Help

  • Filling the research gap

    The problems are addressed in complex format. But our expert consultants translate the research findings into meaningful information. The gaps identified fulfill the interesting aspects of previous research. The feasibility and unexplored areas determine the closing gap of your literature review. We provide an outline where the research is incomplete or unexplored, aiming to fulfill the research gaps

  • Identifying Research Gaps

    Research gap is a research question or problem which has not been answered appropriately or at all in a given field of study. This stage is very crucial to proceed with writing literature review since research questions can be framed only when the gap is identified. The gap itself becomes the purpose of your research in the later stages. Our team of skilled experts guide you in selecting appropriate technical paper to identifying research gaps.

  • Quick solution

    We are known to provide quick solutions by resolving the difficulties in identifying and closing the gap. We assure completion of this task within a period of five days.

  • Nominal pricing

    Our prices on this service is quite less compared to other services. Keeping in mind the difficulties of students, we offer nominal pricing on research gap identification and closing problems.

Frequently Asked Questions for Research Gap Help

  • Will the research gap be unique?
    Ans:Yes, a gap in the literature may emerge if, the question has not been addressed in a given domain. We ensure uniqueness and originality in our work. Only after expert research gap analysis, your work will be initiated.

  • Can I use the same sentences used by the author in the research paper while writing literature review?
    Ans:Only if you are following the correct method of citing the source used, you can use the same sentences in the form of quotations. However, it is always good to explain the information conveyed by the author with your words.

  • How do you identify research gaps?
    Ans: Our subject matter experts search for relevant papers on the finalized topic. On reviewing each paper with perspective criticism, limitations and other issues are found. Accordingly, research gap is derived which is the common missing element in all the reviewed papers.

  • Can you find the research gaps for my research in 1 day?
    Ans: We require minimum of five days duration to carry out research gap analysis.

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