Researcher’s orientation

 Generally all the researchers keep a common set of expectations, although a few can think differently too and can have different requirements.

  • Researchers seek information that is error free, well in time and objective.
  • The cost involved in conducting research should not involve much expense.
  • Researchers want close monitoring of their work and to be updated daily about the way their work is progressing.
  • Researchers also want to have complete detail of the procedures and applications like digital libraries, video conferencing learning tools, and methodology used for the purpose of conducting the research.
  • Researchers also look for complete sources of information, IT support and training.
  • Another aspect looked by researchers from the organisations working from them are impact of changes and any development related to network on research.
  • Limitations because of network services or any other related services are also required by researchers.
  • Researchers also want novel ideas for the use of data networks in next few years time.

One thought on “Researcher’s orientation

  1. Being a researcher it is quite a possibility to expect everything working in favor of own research. Well I believe this is because researcher has to portrait his/her research in the most comprehensive manner to the university and thus wants to act a risk averse and take careful steps.

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