Research gets a managerial boost

It is not just presentations and tests that are dominating the college campuses of leading management, medical and engineering institutes. Research work has made its presence felt strongly in the top notch colleges of India, as well. In the recent report that we got from the management Mecca, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, the campus has managed to beat its peers in the field of research.

The scholars and academicians from this campus have been successful in publishing 40 research papers in peer reviewed journals, and presented 25 papers at international conferences during the academic session 2010-2011. This is more than what has been done at any of the other top IIMs. While IIM Bangalore had eight research papers and seven case studies published during the period; IIM Ahmadabad, had just one research work completed.

In the previous session, there were a total 42 research projects which were completed by faculty and scholars at IIM-A. There have been various policies being introduced in the current session to motivate faculty members to take up and complete research work, including consideration of research work as a factor for appraisal and promotion of faculty. IIM-B has also taken an initiative, by entering into an agreement with Harvard Business Publishing, under which the latter will distribute its collection of teaching cases.

Though the quantum of research being produced by Indian institutes has grown over the years, there is still scope to enhance the quality of the research. The investigation that is being done, and the impact the research is having on international level, has still to go a long way. Professional help and guidance by expert researchers will play a significant role in enhancing the quality of research and getting it at par with international standards. Funding is also an issue, and the corporate world will have to take more interest in the research being conducted by management scholars and professors.


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