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Features of Topic and Proposal Help

  • PhD Proposal Writing Service

    Your proposal is developed after identifying research gaps followed by framing of research objectives. We believe in zero plagiarism tolerance and strictly adhere to the authentic and original writing.

  • Free Revisions

    We offer free revisions for a period of 30 days if any negligent flaw is found in your research proposal. You can share the feedback or changes to be made in the proposal suggested by your university.

  • PhD Topic Consultation

    Our subject-matter experts come up with unique and potential research topics by carrying out extensive background study and identifying the research gaps in your field of research. Research experts suggest you the best topics suitable for your research.

  • Structured Research Outline

    We outline your proposed research project in a structured format. Scope, aims, significance and expected outcomes and other major aspects of your research are clearly stated clearly stated in persuasive language and writing style.

Frequently Asked Questions for Topic and Proposal

  • How can you help me in coming up with a unique research topic?
    Ans: Chanakya Research team has dedicated research consultants who have access to the digital libraries, reputed journals and previously published works. Our researchers come up with unique and potential research topics fulfilling the research gaps in your field of research.

  • Who will suggest me the topics?
    Ans: We have subject-matter PhD experts, who can suggest relevant topics. These experts from various research areas, having 8-15 years of expertise in their fields assist in selecting a niche topic in your research field.

  • How can I know that the topic you gave me is appropriate?
    Ans:With experienced research consultants, we assure you that the topic given to you is well researched, unique and addresses a relevant issue which has not been previously explored or resolved.

  • Will you provide me critical readings regarding the topic?
    Ans: We provide you three research topics, their overview and five references which help you to begin preliminary research.

  • Who will write my PhD proposal?
    Ans: Our consultants guide the writing team for developing proposals. In the proposal, the writing is usually limited to few pages, however, the important point is about developing research questions and providing a rationale for the research.

  • Do you require any documents for writing my PhD proposal?
    Ans: We will require the finalized topic with few references for the topic to be able to work on the proposal. Further, if you have a template or guidelines from your University for the same, do share the same across.

  • Do you assure me that my research proposal will get accepted by the university?
    Ans: Our service shall ensure that you get an original piece of work coupled with research objectives of the level of doctoral research. Upon your submission of research proposal, you may receive some suggestions on the same for which we shall be willing to work on. Research is an iterative process and hence guarantees for approval are not applicable.

  • How much time does it usually take for completing the proposal?
    Ans: Developing a research proposal for PhD research requires a minimum of twenty work hours from our expert team. This implies that we prefer to get a minimum of 3-4 working days for your work. However, some universities ask for lengthy proposals to the extent of upto 30 pages. If such a requirement is there, we require about a week to complete the same.

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