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Features of PhD Defense Preparation Service

  • PPT Guide

    For helping you maintain the tempo while presenting your thesis in front of the doctoral committee, we prepare a Powerpoint presentation of 10-15 slides in which the key sections of your thesis such as aims, objectives, hypothesis & findings are summarized in concise.

  • Defense Preparation

    Because PhD defense is a significant milestone that signals the closure of PhD tenure, we help you crack the toughest questions asked during your final thesis presentation. Our research experts counsel you regarding your research and thesis to prepare you for your doctoral viva.

  • Defense Questions

    You must be all set to answer the questions of your doctoral committee regarding your research during your PhD defense. Hence, for giving you an idea of the probable questions most likely to be asked, we prepare a set of important questions formulated out of your thesis.

  • Brief Summary

    Many scholars are unable to brief their extended research and thesis in a few words. Therefore, we provide you well written and detailed summary of your research which would cover all the necessary aspects of your research. This can be requested at additional costs.

Frequently Asked Questions for Thesis Defence Preparation Help

  • Who will prepare my presentation?
    Ans: Our subject matter experts will offer you all the guidance and will prepare your formal defense presentation with probable questions for every slide.

  • What all documents will be provided to me for PhD defense preparation?
    Ans: Defense PPT, probable question most likely to be asked, some references to read will be provided as PhD defense preparation tools for your presentation. It will be developed by our experts who have 8-12 years of expertise in your research domain.

  • How many slides will you prepare for PhD presentation?
    Ans: Usually a PhD candidate is able to describe one slide in a minute. This includes questions that are asked in every slide. Your presentation will comprise of 20 slides depending on the complexity of your PhD defense.

  • Can I clarify my doubts after defense presentation?
    Ans: In case of any ambiguities our consultants shall help you crack the toughest questions asked during your presentation and will give you moral support to carry on with all odds. After rigorous preparation and constant practice you can master your presentation skills. Our consultant can lend you all the materialistic help and boost your confidence. To tackle the odds is in your hands!

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