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Features of Thesis Correction Online Service

  • Work Confidentiality

    We keep your work and personal details confidential and guarantee that all the information you share with us will not be shared with any third-party. The documents you share with us are destroyed within 60 days.               

  • Corrections as per Feedback

    If your thesis draft is rejected due to any language or structural error, our editors can aid you in correcting your thesis right. Share a copy of your thesis and the feedback with our editors so that we can make the changes that you are advised to do.

  • Proofreading

    Proofreading is done in track changes mode. Appropriate comments are inserted for the respective changes that are done. We provide 2 files; one in track changes made, other for final submission.

  • Free Revisions

    We revise your thesis for next 30 days at no cost if any error or negligence is found in our work. However, we do not take responsibility in case your thesis lacks research potential.

Frequently Asked Questions for Thesis Correction Service

  • How will you begin working with corrections as per feedback ?
    Ans: We will understand the core reason of feedback and ask you some questions pertaining to the feedback. As per your comments, our team perform the needful thesis checking service in your document.

  • Can I get every day updates on the work progress?
    Ans: While you can track the work progress, it will be based on the milestones of the work. So if your work is split in 4 milestones you will be able check the progress at the end of each milestone.

  • How will I get to know what changes you have made?
    Ans: We will provide you with a tracked changes version of the file to check all the changes we have done. Also, we will prepare a list of all changes required in MS- Excel and at the end of each milestone you can check the same.

    As per your university guidelines we format your documents. From basic grammar checks to making a document plagiarism proof, perfect editing is carried out in every stage. We assure that you receive a well-structured report.

  • Do you guarantee the confidentiality of my research report?
    Ans: Yes. We keep your research report and all the references with supreme confidentiality.

  • Will I receive the corrected document soon?
    Ans:Yes, you’ll receive the document before the mentioned deadline.

100% Money Back Guarantee

365 Days Free Support

Non Disclosure Agreement

100% Satisfaction