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Features of PhD Thesis Literature Review Writing Service

  • Focused Literature Search

    We keep our search narrowed down only to the 20-25 research papers and journal articles relevant to your research topic.

  • Critical Evaluation

    Before writing literature review chapter, we study and critically evaluate the literature present in your research domain.

  • Organized References

    We provide you all the necessary references and research papers that have been consulted for writing literature review for your research.

  • Systematic Approach

    We adapt a systematic approach towards searching literature and writing the knowledge gained comprehensively.

Frequently Asked Questions for Literature Review Writing Service:

  • Do you conduct critical review of literature?
    Ans: Yes. The research papers are collected for review are organized as per the issues in the study and logical flow behind every reference are reviewed. The design and methodology are critically evaluated. Findings and limitations of the reference papers will be mentioned.

  • Will I get organized citations?
    Ans: Yes. While requesting a quote for literature review, you must filling in all the details. While doing the same mention your university prescribed citation style. Our experts help you organizing them in a well-structured way.

  • I can’t find anything related to my thesis. What should I do?
    Ans: Your problem statement or thesis title is sufficient for Chanakya Research team to guide you right from the origin of your ambiguity. We have an excellent repository of academic research papers, henceforth, our consultants provide all the reference documents while briefing literature review of your thesis. We shall provide 25-30 research papers supporting the literature review.

  • What would be your writing style?
    Ans: The language used will be academic and won’t reflect your opinions in personal language. Your opinion is drawn with respect to your objectives. Every comparison shall be evident with the citation of the reviewed research.

  • How will you ensure originality of literature review?
    Ans: Our analysis experts will be available to resolve all your query for a period of 30 days after data interpretation. You can email to your research consultant asking your queries.

  • What are your credentials?
    Ans: We provide original write-up after referring 20-30 research papers. The whole thesis document will be as per your university standards. We also offer our revision service up to 30 days after you receive a complete work.

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