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Features of PhD Questionnaire Designing Service

  • Questions Formulation

    Once the research gap is developed, we identify the key variables of the study, and formulate the questions that cover the relationship of variables in such a way that responses highlight the relationship that study aims to reflect.

  • Remarkable Standardization

    We develop questionnaire that is standardized through pilot survey by reliability and validity testing. We also work on existing models & published questionnaires which can be directly used or can be modified as per your set of objectives.

  • Reliability Testing

    We measure and analyze the consistency and reliability of questionnaires in collecting eminent data through reliability tests such as Cronbach’s alpha. Reliable questionnaire is further tested for validity.

  • Validity Testing

    Questionnaire validity is established using a panel of experts and a field test. We establish face validity, perform pilot test, clean the dataset and perform PCA (Principal Components Analysis) on the obtained pilot survey data.

Frequently Asked Questions for PhD Questionnaire Designing

  • What are the types of questionnaires you develop?
    Ans: Depending upon the objectives and the methodology of the study, questionnaires are developed by our experts. We can offer you either closed ended or open ended formats. Closed ended questionnaires are in case of quantitative methodology and open ended while the study has qualitative approach.

  • How do you scale the items in my questionnaire?
    Ans: Questions can be 5 or 7 point Likert scale or it could be in form of yes or no queries. Other than this, there may be few rank based questions, in which respondents behaviour is analysed, marginally based on the ranks to a set of situations.

  • How are the questionnaires circulated?
    Ans: There are tools like Survey Monkey, which are used online by uploading the questionnaire and entering a list of contacts. Researcher keeps on getting responses on that online tool. In addition to this, many surveys and qualitative questionnaires are answered through face to face survey or interviews respectively.

  • How to know that the questionnaire is reliable?
    Ans: Even though the questionnaire is developed afresh, it is important to know that whether it considers all aspects and is reliable. A reliability or validity test is conducted, which is done using Cronbach’s alpha and depending on the score, the reliability is calculated.

  • Will you validate my questionnaire?
    Ans: Yes. Your questionnaire is validated by calculating the coefficient of correlations between questions and outcome variables. Content, criterion and construct validity are carried out by our data analysis experts, thus validating your questionnaire.

  • Will you refer the conceptual model/framework before questionnaire preparation?
    Ans: You can easily get standardized questionnaire through search engines , but they can never fulfill your research objectives. Since your thesis ought to be a unique work, as per your framework, our consultants frame the items in accordance with the modules in your conceptual model.

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