Need Statistical Help?

There is a domination of quantitative researchers when one talks of social sciences. Most of the doctoral students are often pushed beyond their capabilities to do quantitative research in their dissertation. The grim part of the scenario is that statistical analysis very challenging for many of the students who go into social sciences and more than often, the supervisor is not available for any kind of help that is related to application of statistical tools. Quite often, supervisors themselves are not equipped with the requisite skills that have to be used in your dissertation.

If you feel like struggling in a big deep ocean for survival, all by yourself, try one of these alternatives:

1. Try to get into the detail of research and figure things on your own. It does involve a lot of time, quite a lot wasted also and you end up making a whole lot of mistakes but surely by the end of it, you will become an expert yourself and would become another skill you could use in your career in the future. What better to do no?

2. There a lot of online forums where you could bring up you statistical problems and challenges. People who are experts in statistics also often visit these forums. You may get help here in your area of need but surely there is no guarantee for this. These forums are where people help only on their own discretion so sometimes even the quality of the advice that you get can be questionable. Though, when I did my own bit of talking on these forums, it was a learning experience surely and I could reach somewhere from nowhere.

3. If you are fortunate, your school/university may offer you consulting services for statistics. They may be paid or free and that is often subjective from university to university.

4. Last but not the least, there are a lot of promotional campaigns that can be soon for consulting services in statistics. From your own wisdom or some advice and testimonials, you need to find out a reliable service provider. I am sure the good ones may be worth trying.

If you are one of those who is struggling with statistical skills in your PhD, here is wishing you luck but remember and give respite that you aren’t the only one and there are many who sail in the same boat like yours.

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  1. SPSS is the most widely used software for analysis and gives good results, but is suitable only for limited data. It is necessary to choose an appropriate software, if Data is too large, STATA will be a better option. Choosing an appropriate software is very necessary and expert guidance in this can be very beneficial.

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