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Dissertation Topic Choice Help: Features

  • Service Scope

    Briefing you with the finalized topic is done by our subject matter experts on a phone call if required. You will be provided an overview of 200 words which will have the rationale for choice of that topic.

  • Topic Consultation

    Topics with contribution to the academia, having a range of open unanswered questions or theories are developed. Topics offered are original and necessary desk based research is done to ensure that the topics have not been attempted earlier.

  • References Provided

    Finalised research topic is supported by reference/base paper from reputed journals like IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, ACM, etc. One or two reference papers are provided on topic selection.

  • Free Topic Revisions

    Revisions on the finalised topics are provided for a period of 30 days. All queries pertaining to the topic finalisation are resolved by subject matter experts.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dissertation Topic Help

  • Will the topic titles that you provide be accepted by my supervisor?
    Ans: We make minor adjustments for these topics to ensure they are accepted at your end. If it is not accepted by your supervisor, our subject experts will guide you in choosing the right topic, accordingly.

  • How do you formulate a unique research topic for me?
    Ans: Before a topic is finalised, it is necessary to carry out research on required domain. After identified literature gaps, personalized discussions and intensive background study, a new topic which is fresh and viable is formulated.

  • Can I change the topic after finalization?
    Ans: Yes, based on your research interests and on discussing with our consultants you finalize the topic with your university assigned guide. In case, your guide or committee does not approve the finalized topic, with relevant reasoning you can consult our experts to change the topic for finalization.

  • How many topics will be provided to me?
    Ans: Three to four topics related to your field of research will be suggested to you by our domain experts. If you are not able to choose a topic from the list provided or if your guide is not accepting the topics, our research consultants discuss with you and come up with a topic that suits your research domain.

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