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Features of Research Design +
Survey Questionnaire Writing Help

  • Applicable Questions

    We formulate the questions which bear no reluctance and difficulty for the respondents to answer. The questions formulated are applicable to the subject and comprehensible for the respondents.

  • Statistics Consideration

    For your quantitative or quantitative research, we consider the statistical procedures in mind while developing the questions so that the obtained responses can be analyzed without any jeopardy.

  • Determine Sample Size

    Depending upon the sample size for your survey, the nature of your questionnaire is determined. We ensure that only relevant data and knowledge would be obtained through the questionnaire we develop.

  • Format and Sequence

    A presentable questionnaire increases the chance of better responses from the respondents We prepare the questionnaire in a sorted and structured format. The questions are arranged and well laid out in prioritized sequence.

Frequently Asked Questions for Masters Research Questionnaire Design Help

  • Will my questionnaire be reliable and valid?
    Ans: Yes, we check for Cronbach’s alpha and if the reliability score is not ok, we modify the questionnaire and the samples have to be collected again. We also check the validity of questionnaire.

  • I want to validate a conceptual model. Can you prepare questionnaire for the same?
    Ans: Yes, we do prepare questionnaire for your conceptual model. But it can be validated only after sample data interpretation.

  • What are the details I need to submit while ordering the service?
    Ans:You need to mention your topic of research, targeted population, sample size, nature of study, list of hypotheses, methodology for data analysis, scale preference, elaboration on factors that you are studying in your research while ordering our services.

  • Can I get expert advice on my conceptual model while availing questionnaire service?
    Ans:Since, conceptual model is the root for further analysis in some researches, you cannot proceed without reviewing your conceptual model. We can offer you separate service packages for conceptual model development and modification.

  • Will I be equipped with structured interview questions beforehand?
    Ans:Initially we will be providing you with semi structured interview questions for qualitative research. Our consultants will guide you on how to modify your interview questions based on the research requirement. Once you are done with the interview process, you need to submit your findings to us and our experts will reframe it, fulfilling all the qualitative requirements of your research.

  • I used poor vocabulary in my questionnaire. How can you help me?
    Ans:When you avail our editing service, you will be delivered with a well-structured questionnaire having wisely chosen words and phrases that determines the structure of the questions. For example, in case of descriptive questions we use words like illustrate, describe, explain, depict, portray, etc. Thus, we help building your questionnaire with rich vocabulary and error free, no matter with how much poor vocabulary you started off with it.

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