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Data Statistics Help: Features

  • Dissertation Data Analysis Services

    Depending on type of study you are working on, either descriptive or exploratory, data analysis is conducted. The work delivered includes the output files generated from the tool and an interpretation report which shall be prepared on the results from data analysed through various tests.

  • Data cleaning and management

    Our data cleaning and management service addresses common data issues and provides methods to clean up your frequently-occurring data problems using readily available applications. Our experts guide you on how to systematically use, download, clean-up, manage, analyse and present your data.

  • Tools Used

    Based on types of data and hypothesis, there are several tools available for analysis. The most commonly deployed tools are SPSS, AMOS, STATA, R program etc.

  • Revisions and query resolution

    Revisions on data analysis can be provided for a period of 30 days from the date of completion of project. All queries pertaining to the analysis and interpretation will be resolved by data analysis experts.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dissertation Data Analysis Help

  • What are the details I need to provide prior data analysis?
    Ans: We need questionnaire, data entered in excel in the form of text, hypothesis or objectives of your research. Please attach all these documents while you are placing your order.

  • Will I get a detailed report on how the analysis was done?
    Ans: When our data analysis experts complete the data analysis process, they provide an interpretation of the results. Since separate data analysis report is generated when data analysis is carried out, the interpretation will be drafted as per the methodology in the original document.

  • What does interpretation report include?
    Ans: Interpretation report includes presentation of results in the form of tabular and graphical representation of the frequencies and the standard deviation. These tables and graphs are further interpreted and findings are discussed based on these interpretations.

  • How will I clarify my doubts regarding data analysis carried out?
    Ans: Our analysis experts who are already PhD holders with 8-10 years research experience resolve all your queries for a period of 30 days after data interpretation. Additional charges are applied after the mentioned revision period.

  • Will I receive all files imported to the software?
    Ans: Yes, you will receive our feedback at every stage of data analysis and interpretation. We will also include the steps involved in arriving at the results through screenshots.

  • Can you do data analysis of my research in 1 day?
    Ans: We require a minimum of three days time to carry out any form of data analysis. Since data analysis depends on the complexity of tests, report generation will be time consuming.

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