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Features of Masters Dissertation Proofreading Services

  • Grammar & Punctuation

    We maintain the clarity and academic quality of your dissertation by correcting the spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. We use the latest word processing software for identifying and correcting the errors.

  • Structure & Organization

    We ensure that your writing style and tone remain consistent and on the track throughout your dissertation. The paragraphs are evaluated to be written coherently and made sure that each section strengthens your central idea.

  • Comma Usage and Length

    Capitalization issues, comma splices, full stops, extended or short length of body paragraphs in dissertation are checked and rectified by our editors.

  • Citations and References Format

    All the sources that you have used or referred to while writing your dissertation are acknowledged and referenced as per the APA & MLA style.

Frequently Asked Questions for Proofreading Service

  • Who will be proofreading my document?
    Ans: Expert team of editors who are well versed with academic writing and who have been proofreading documents developed for purpose of doctoral research will be proofreading your document.

  • How will I know what changes are made?
    Ans: The file shared will be in track changes format and thus you can review the changes and comments made by proofreader. A final file with accepted changes will also be delivered.

  • How many iterations are possible if I am not satisfied with the work?
    Ans: Generally proofreading service doesn’t include any iterations, however, we shall provide a revision period of 30 days within which in the same scope of work, if you can notify some particular changes in the language, it can be taken care of.

  • How much time will it take to proofread my document?
    Ans: Depending on the length, time can be determined. However, timeline can be adjusted as per your requirement as well. For instance, a 50000 words document can be proofread in 5 days timeline. In case of immediate requirement, you will receive the document within one day incurring additional charges.

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