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Features of Dissertation Formatting Services

  • Font & Spacing

    It is ensured that the font style, size and double-spacing between words and lines remains consistent throughout the body of your dissertation. Readability of the text is kept maintained through consistent usage of font style and size.

  • Margins & TOC

    We keep a thorough check upon the margins and the proper format of table of content in your dissertation. The spacing and alignment of margins is measured and corrected. Page numbers, tables, texts, charts or graphs are excluded from the margins.

  • Citation & References

    APA, Harvard and MLA referencing styles are followed as per the university guidelines. End-list reference style and cross-referencing between main text and end list is done by our editors.

  • Pagination & Figures

    The placement of page numbers, figures and tables within the text is taken care of by our experts. The appropriate labeling and accounting of figures and tables in the body of the text is checked.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dissertation Formatting Writing Service

  • Who does my research manuscript formatting?
    Ans: Since formatting of your document is time consuming and requires more focus, we follow formatting as per university guidelines. Our diverse committee of editors who have expertise in various technical backgrounds, rectify all grammatical errors and scientific terminologies. We help building your research document error free.

  • What are the citation formatting services offered?
    Ans: Our citation formatting offers correctly framed formats like parenthetical, footnote citations and external reference lists. We follow APA, Harvard and MLA referencing styles. As per your university guidelines we format your citation.

  • How long will you take to format my paper?
    Ans: Research work formatting might take 3- 4 days. In case, you’re not satisfied with our formatting, you can discuss your requirements with our editors and proofreaders and finalize a well drafted document.

  • Will you search for missing references either in text or in bibliography and add them?
    Ans: Referencing is the integral part of formatting so we take extreme care in the initial stage of writing without missing the references. It is not possible because if the reference is in bibliography and not cited in text, we will not get to know where to insert it.

  • I have an urgent requirement. Can you format my document within 24 hours?
    Ans: We format 80-100 pages document in a day. If your document is longer, you will be requested to choose an extended deadline.

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