Is blogging helpful for PhD students?

No PhD scholar wants to make his life harder by writing more than his thesis or other essential assignments. So who would agree that PhD scholars should be blogging as well? There are indeed a lot of plus sides of blogging and here are a few to discuss that could incline you towards blogging if you are a blogger:

  1. A platform for communicating ideas: You are building a huge piece of research by taking up doctoral studies. Feel proud that you will be making a contribution in the existing human knowledge and it is important to tell people the reason your contribution is significant. If you have adequately communicated your invented ideas and contribution there are easier and brighter chances of your research getting more favourable acceptance in the academic and non-academic community.
  2. Building networking: If you are into blogging about your area on research, it can help you to find people around the world who may be interested in your work. It can also become a source of advice, future collaborations and even long term networking from enthusiastic supporters around the world through just a medium of regular expression of ideas.
  3. Enhance your writing skills: Regular expression of thoughts is a good way to learn to write better and if you are more tech savvy you may also end up developing skills such as presentation skills or video blogging, if you chose to do video blogging.
  1. Enrich your professional profile: A researcher who also writes regularly and is good in expression of ideas and concepts gets to add another feather in his cap and enrich his profession profile which goes beyond just being a researcher.
  1. Improve prospects of getting placed: Academic positions are sought over around the world as hot cakes. The applicants are many and the seats are few. You have to do all that is possible to market yourself so that you can get the position you are looking for. If you have a presence online it surely is a depiction of your additional skill and improves your chances of getting a job. A blogger leaves an impression of someone being enthusiastic, passionate and interesting other than talented and multi-tasking.
  1. Come into the notice of publishers: If you intend to continue writing books after your PhD or even convert your thesis into a book then you have bright chances of getting noticed by worthy publishers through an impressive online profile it surely is going to benefit you in the long run.

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