Importance of language in Thesis or Dissertation

Language in thesis or dissertation does not mean just English and can be any language which perfectly represents the idea of the writer or the student preparing the report. The report must accurately represent the thoughts of the writer and should not confuse the reader and also should not divert from the main concept of the report. Be it any language grammar plays a vital role in the report. All the nouns, adjectives, propositions etc must be precise so that the actual meaning of the sentence is not confusing. Next comes the structure of the sentence and also the report. The sentence must be properly structured to create a perfect meaning. Also the flow of the content should be maintained while moving from one paragraph to other and from one page to other. Also the structure can be maintained by naming the chapters or parts of the report separately. Vocabulary also is important for a dissertation. But that does not mean that you can use jargons everywhere. All these technical terms and jargons must be used only when necessary. Make a habit of defining the jargons in the glossary which will help the readers understands its meaning. This leaves a positive impression on the reviewers also.

Students with second languages always find it difficult to write reports using their second language be it English or some other language. In such cases students must approach a professional and take his/her help to over the obstacle of language. Also while translating the subject, care must be taken that the original essence or the idea and ideology are not changed. The language must be crisp and clear so that the reviewer can easily understand it. Make sure that there are figures, pictorial representations and statistical analysis in the study which can be easily understood. By doing so the language hurdle can be easily crossed.

2 thoughts on “Importance of language in Thesis or Dissertation

  1. Structuring of the thesis is very important, no matter how good the content is if the flow of is unstructured the evaluator would not be able to get it and it will give a negative impact.

  2. The main motive of doing a research is conveying our thoughts and findings to the evaluator and the people who will consider it in future. The main thing to be taken care of while drafting it should be the language usage, it should preferably be the way everybody could read and understand.

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