Impediments in writing thesis or dissertation proposal

Before writing thesis or dissertation, a student has to prepare a proposal, where he or she suggests the topic on which he or she is interested in carrying out the research. However, the primary obstacle for writing a proposal is to choose a topic from your area of interest. This is just the beginning because the foremost struggle starts after that. The reason behind it is that a proposal tells the supervisor about the research work that a student intends to do. If the proposal is not good enough to convince the supervisor, the researcher may even have to change the topic and look for new topic to work with. So, it is very important for a student to prepare the proposal in a proficient manner.

It is, therefore, recommended that while choosing the topic the student must also develop a sound knowledge about the area related to his research interest. The student must outline the research objectives and also substantiate them with the use of existing literatures. He must frame out the hypothesis and also choose the variables needed for his research. He ought to decide upon the methodology of research that he would incorporate in his thesis or dissertation. After that, he has to collect data be it primary or secondary and lastly point out the expected result. All these facts have to be mentioned in brief by maintaining the word limit given, which makes the fact prominent that a student must be good with the use of language to express his research ideas in a concise manner. While writing the proposal all the above mentioned facts have to be kept in mind, which proves that writing proposal is a gargantuan task, and so students require assistance in preparing an adept proposal. helps students in their best possible ways to write the most effective proposal.

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  1. I am a professor and I have done my doctorate in Finance. With my experience I can say that it is better to be prepared enough before proceeding for report preparation. We need to be sure of the topic and confident enough to present it in front of supervisor. A proposal for sure helps a lot in this. Not only proposal help in explaining the research possibilities to supervisor but also supports you throughout in conducting the research.

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