How to Stay Sane While in a PhD Programme

We often read and I often write about blogs talking about the stress and all the negativity that is associated with PhD. It is not useful to focus upon the negativity all the time. There can be ideas and tips that can help to cull out of the lows of being into a PhD program.

Find here few tips that would help you to maintain your sanity and practice positivity during your PhD programme.

  1. Pen down all you’re your negative thoughts:  it is important to identify those factors that are really bothering you. Keep writing  regularly so that  you have the skill of articulating your thoughts and feelings in the correct way
  2. Physical work out: A workout releases those natural endorphins. The start of a healthy mind is from a healthy body. Primarily keep yourself motivated and geared up for regular workouts, irrespective of other distractions
  3. Seek professional help: Counsellors are the best ones to seek professional help. Sometimes your university will provide you help. Do keep a tab on it and seek the advice as and when necessary.
  4. Rekindle your passion: keep your spirits high and passion for things you love much higher. Do find time to incorporate things you love the most so that your enthusiasm and spirits stay high.
  5. Become social: Most of the PhD students have their social life up for a toss. A more productive you can be achieved you have a better social life. A happy person is a more productive person.
  6. Become helpful to others:  For a while forget about yourself and head out to help others. Helping others may be the best way at times to help yourself.
  7. Learn to let go:  Do not let the PhD guilt hang onto you. When you are enjoying, do it to your best without the pressure of the PhD work on your head
  8. Give yourself short time goals:  practice to give yourself short and realistic goals which can be used as benchmarks to evaluate your achievements.
  9. Start: Do not delay, do not procrastinate. Planning is one thing and starting is another. Putting off work is worse and frustrating. Get our self out of the vicious circle and JUST START.

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