Have an enriched academic writing style for definite success

If an enriched writing style is what you want, you need to inculcate in yourself few skills and work towards enhancing as well as nurturing them. Here is the way:

 Have a planned writing schedule: Good planning is very essential if you want to have a fixed and consistently enriched academic writing style. Some of the key benefits are:

  1. Have a clear idea regarding the purpose of each of the sections of your document
  2. Have a more direct approach towards writing and that would surely develop when you have the purpose clear
  3. Learn how to stick to the given word count by expressing completely what you intend to
  4. Try to stay away from inessential information

Adhere to the plan: Once you have made a strict plan, what is required is to stick to the plan. If you find your plan not working, it may either be unrealistic or obsolete and may need revisions. Work on them.

Adopt a direct writing approach: In an attempt to write indirectly, one can go in the zone of unclear thinking, negative construction.  This may further lead to unclear sentences. If you so feel that you lack the sufficient knowledge to express some idea, it is better to first bridge the gap rather than using modifiers of probability. Enhance your in-depth knowledge of the topic and you would automatically write clearer sentences.  Try not to have mane negative sentences in your content. The lesser the better. Try to rewrite the negative sentences by rewriting them in a positive way. You may have to reduce the length of your sentences in the process, which is acceptable.

Write in active voice: writing in active voice is important for more compressed and easy to understand sentences. Use active voice wherever possible to be able to come out with more firm and tighter sentences

Make as short sentences as possible:  Complex sentences are usually unexpected and not acceptable in phd thesis academic writing.  Even if some of the ideas are complex and require a complex structure in their expression, try to retain the simplicity to the extent best possible. This is because it is a lot easier for a reader to follow simpler sentences and at the same time, it further leads them to staying engaged in the process of reading because they were able to comprehend everything without much effort and to the best of their capability.

We will continue in the next blog with some more tips on becoming an enriched writer, keep your focus here!!

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