Have an enriched academic writing style for definite success: continued

Being able to express the given idea in the word limit prescribed is the trait of a good academic writer. You must know how to not elaborate unnecessarily and have a crisp and succinct academic writing style. Here are some key ideas for that:

  1. Being concise is first thing: You must be concise with your writing. Wherever you can finish the message in 2 or 3 words , do not extend it to over  6 words without any  reason
  2. Do not indulge in conjunctions: Many a time writers use conjunctions in between sentences very liberally, they seem important also, especially when you have to establish a relationship between two sentences. However, unnecessary and incorrect use of conjunctions should be carefully avoided.
  3. Get rid of dismals: Many a times we use two words in a sentence having the same meaning. There is no need to do that. The example of this can be, such as and etc.; current and trend; different and kinds of etc.  You must identify such redundant words and ensure that you have not used them in a sentence unnecessarily.
  4. Oust what is inessential: The eye of an editor is expert in identifying the use of extraneous words.  The way to find it out is to know if a specific word has a meaningful contribution to the sentence or no. A lot of writers use a lot of inessential words out of sheer habit. Words such as ‘very’ and ‘really’ have no contribution whatsoever to make in any kind of constructive academic argument. Similarly, in academic writing you must be careful with the use of adverbs also. Sometimes instead of an adverb a more appropriate verb could be used as a replacement.
  5. Discard the jargons: writers who enjoy using jargons liberally aren’t doing anything but trying to inflate weak ideas, obscure poor reasoning and actually reduce the clarity of the idea. So you must try to refrain from using jargons in academic writing to the best of your ability.


If you take care of these few selective tips, you would surely be able to develop a better and more succinct academic writing for phd thesis. Good writing is a reflection of the planning that has gone into it and the kind of attention that has been paid to its structure. If you follow these details, you would be able to express more meaningful ideas and concepts in fewer words and more clearly.  So keep these ideas in mind and take your writing to another level altogether.

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