Does Having a Writing Group Help in PhD?

Hi!! My name is Rachel and I am a first year PhD student. My specific field of study is Consumer Behaviour with particular focus on the impulsive purchase behaviour of customers on the basis of their psychological characteristics. There are a lot of things in my plate at the moment.  Starting from penning down my thoughts to paper presentation in a conference and some teaching assignments. My hands are full, like never before.

 My PhD has brought forth for me so many opportunities and there is always something to do. A lot of interesting stuff which I never got an opportunity to do before. Starting from paper writing, seminars, conferences, book reviews. I feel that I want to do it and just cash on to every opportunity this program is offering to me. Amongst all the interesting things that the PhD offers you, one task they I feel very mundane is writing. It is a very lonely and isolating experience. I have experienced my peer also having similar feelings. There is often difficulty in finding time to go around devoting time to writing assignment. It has struck me, that may be organising a platform where all scholars could meet regularly and write in each other’s company would be a great idea.

I have proposed the same to my supervisor to secure a small budget for us so that we could create a writing group where we could meet at a dedicated space regularly and create for self and others a supportive writing environment. I am sure it would open other avenues of future collaborations between us as well.

I have a plan discussed with my peer and we aspire to start our writing date with the speaking about our objective for the day and get motivated by the dedication and consistency of other writers. I feel there is no reason that it wouldn’t turn out to be an interesting and enriching experience for all.

I look forward to this getting executed and can see that it wll become very useful and popular as it is always better to work in company.

If you too are struggling with the isolated and mundane writing schedule of your PhD programme think on the lines of starting something similar and I believe it will do nothing but the positive for all.

So if you’re struggling to write alone and are thinking of starting something similar, I can absolutely recommend it!

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