Do you want to accelerate your publication process? Here is how to go about it!

 Writing a research paper is a journey in itself and the publication process can all the more add to the miseries of the daunting journey. Here are the ways to add up and accelerate the process of publication for you:

  1. Get in touch with the journal: It is always better to take up a pre submission enquiry of the chosen journal so that you can know their interest in your manuscript.  The response would give a fair idea whether you have a chance of paper acceptance here or no and whether is it worth to proceed with the long and grilling pre submission process.
  1. Stay glued to the guidelines: Journals are very specific of their guidelines and very particular about them also, at the same time. If you adhere to the guidelines very meticulously, you avoid all unnecessary delays in the publication process.
  1. Have an impressive cover letter: The first impression is the last impression. It is a means to showcase the relevance and findings of your work. Know always that an effective cover letter that is sent to an appropriate journal works in a great way to convince the editors immediately to proceed your manuscript further for the review process.
  1. Do regular follow ups: There is no standard time for follow ups with journals for the time taken for the review process. You may learn about it from formal sources such as the website of the journal, guide or from colleagues and friends who have prior experience of publication with that journal. It is ok to keep patience for a while and then check with the journal for any update about the manuscript so that you don’t miss on to any development that may have taken place.
  1. Do respond to reviewers comments: In worthy and reputed journals, the manuscript almost always comes back with changes and recommendations for the writer. It is must to give a thorough, clear and a very polite response to the editor’s and reviewers comments. It would increase the chances of acceptance in the next round of review, this saving you some good time.

Whatever stage of research you be, these tips would surely  help you to improvise and accelerate your publication process and make you feel at peace after having done all the work in the research journey.

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