Citation and its importance

Referencing or citing is quoting information from other sources in current writing and acknowledging that fact. It is important when one is writing articles, research papers or any other kind of documentation. There are various reasons when a citation is necessary. They are

  • Giving credit to the original author whose views or ideas you are using to reinforce your thoughts. The original author might have a spent a lot of time and effort before coming out with those views or ideas. Hence the same needs to be acknowledged.
  • By quoting some past literature in your writing you are proving to your readers that you are on the right track. Someone in the past has also done similar kind of work and thinks so.
  • In case the readers need more information on the particular subject they could go the references and do more reading on the same.
  • To avoid copying and plagiarism. By mentioning the authors and citing their lines in your work you are claiming that the original right belongs to them and you have just used their ideas to second yours.
  • Finally references and citations give more creditability to your work. Your work is supported by genuine and reliable sources and hence is proven to be authentic.
  • It could also help you to continue from where somebody else left before in the field of research writing. That is if you are doing an extended research based on somebody’s idea, you can always quote them before you pen down your analysis and ideas.

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