Choose Your Dissertation Topic Wisely

One of the most important choices that you would be making while doing your PhD is selecting a topic since it would determine the first piece of research that you would be carrying out.  Would you select a topic based on what you hold a passion for or would you go with the topic that your guide has selected for you? If you are confused, here is how to choose a topic for your dissertation.

Push the Envelope

You may have realized by now that new research on a particular topic should push the envelope. Make sure your topic is concise and yet specific. It should not be a repetition of what has already been researched on. It should be something that your readers should be interested in reading. It should immediately grab the attention of those who are about to read your dissertation. It should be ground-breaking research that would not have been done by anyone else before.

Interesting Theory

The theory that you propound through your research should not only be interesting, but it should also not have been done by anyone else before. Make sure your dissertation topic addresses a certain problem area and is something that can be answered by just about any research method you choose. Ideally, you should choose a topic that can be transformed into a journal, book or any other publication. However, you should also make sure that you are really interested in it.

Simplicity in Complexity

You may have gone through the works of those who have already done their  master’s dissertations and now, it is time for you to write your own research proposal. You have to ask yourself whether this work or title has been taken by someone else already or not. Moreover, your research topic should be such that it is looking to address the area that no one else has addressed before. After you have done your part by pushing the envelope, you should consider new theories and methods in order to begin your research work. This is how you should select a topic for your dissertation.

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