Proofreading Tips: If You Decide to Do Your Own

It may not be necessary that a good writer may also be a good editor or proof reader. At the same time the task of proofreading isn’t any less important than the task of writing. After all the your valuable research becomes presentable only after the content has been furnished and polished. Here are some tips for you to refine your proofreading :

• Usage of Pronouns:  not all pronouns can be used liberally in a thesis as some pronouns such as “this”, “that” and “it” may bring in a lot of ambiguity and the interpretation of the same may differ from person to person.
• Usage of Hard and Strong Words: assertive words should not be used in the thesis generally, unless you have evidence to prove something or it is a fact. Words such as “only” and “never” may be conflicting words for opinions where more generalised terms should be used.
• The Power of Punctuations: punctuations, particularly commas are very important and there use should be judicious in academic writing. They should be used to emphasize a conceptual pause rather than a verbal pause. One must though try to make more simple sentences and use more full stops instead of commas. Polish your punctuation rules before you get into the whirlpool of proofreading a document as big and complicated as a thesis.
• Symbols and text: Try to avoid mixing text and equations or math symbols to avoid complications or confusion in comprehending them. Connectors such as “and” , “or” should not be used in equation to bring in more visual clarity. Symbols should abstain from unnecessary text.
• Defining of terminology: Whenever there is scientific terminology used in research or there are specific symbols. Whether they are used commonly or no, they should by rule be defined once before getting used in the document. The symbols and terminology has to be not necessarily introduced formally, it can be done in an informal manner as well by using a different font, if required. Never take the liberty here to draw your own standardization, follow the rules.
• References: Ensure to check the relevance of all existing work that you use in references and verify that the source is original and not pedagogical. A thorough checklist is mandatory here, even if it sounds difficult.

Don’t just sit relaxed after a single attempt of proofreading but do multiple attempts to find spelling errors and typos that may get overlooked in the first attempt. Remember, proofreading doesn’t finish in one round!!

Does Having a Writing Group Help in PhD?

Hi!! My name is Rachel and I am a first year PhD student. My specific field of study is Consumer Behaviour with particular focus on the impulsive purchase behaviour of customers on the basis of their psychological characteristics. There are a lot of things in my plate at the moment.  Starting from penning down my thoughts to paper presentation in a conference and some teaching assignments. My hands are full, like never before.

 My PhD has brought forth for me so many opportunities and there is always something to do. A lot of interesting stuff which I never got an opportunity to do before. Starting from paper writing, seminars, conferences, book reviews. I feel that I want to do it and just cash on to every opportunity this program is offering to me. Amongst all the interesting things that the PhD offers you, one task they I feel very mundane is writing. It is a very lonely and isolating experience. I have experienced my peer also having similar feelings. There is often difficulty in finding time to go around devoting time to writing assignment. It has struck me, that may be organising a platform where all scholars could meet regularly and write in each other’s company would be a great idea.

I have proposed the same to my supervisor to secure a small budget for us so that we could create a writing group where we could meet at a dedicated space regularly and create for self and others a supportive writing environment. I am sure it would open other avenues of future collaborations between us as well.

I have a plan discussed with my peer and we aspire to start our writing date with the speaking about our objective for the day and get motivated by the dedication and consistency of other writers. I feel there is no reason that it wouldn’t turn out to be an interesting and enriching experience for all.

I look forward to this getting executed and can see that it wll become very useful and popular as it is always better to work in company.

If you too are struggling with the isolated and mundane writing schedule of your PhD programme think on the lines of starting something similar and I believe it will do nothing but the positive for all.

So if you’re struggling to write alone and are thinking of starting something similar, I can absolutely recommend it!

How to Find the Right Editor to Review Your Dissertation

When it comes to the final review of your research dissertation, you always seek effective professional editing services. However, it sometimes becomes a difficult choice to find the right editor who can shape your paper flawlessly. Here are some tips to help you look for a suitable professional editor.

Check the academic background

When you search for a professional editor, make sure to check their academic background. While they should have a strong background in research, it is also important for them to hold a qualification in your subject area. This makes them understand your research study well and do justice to it.

Evaluate technical skills

If you are hiring an editor from your subject area, then it becomes easier to evaluate their technical skills. Since a professional editor needs to review your technical content, make sure that they are capable of comprehending the technical terms and knowledge in your subject area. This will also help in correcting the factual errors existing in your content.

Find out about their linguistic command

Go for an editor who holds a native command on the English language. You should ensure that your hired editor also has the knowledge of several professional writing styles and standards. All this will help them to review your work flawlessly and make it compliant with the linguistic styles and standards that have been recommended by your college or university.

Judge their work quality

It is an important factor to check when you are trying to find a capable academic editor. You may check some previously edited documents by an editor by asking them for their company for samples. See whether the quality of editing or review is satisfactory. If you feel that they have a keen eye for details, then you may consider hiring them for your research project.

Importance of language in Thesis or Dissertation

Language in thesis or dissertation does not mean just English and can be any language which perfectly represents the idea of the writer or the student preparing the report. The report must accurately represent the thoughts of the writer and should not confuse the reader and also should not divert from the main concept of the report. Be it any language grammar plays a vital role in the report. All the nouns, adjectives, propositions etc must be precise so that the actual meaning of the sentence is not confusing. Next comes the structure of the sentence and also the report. The sentence must be properly structured to create a perfect meaning. Also the flow of the content should be maintained while moving from one paragraph to other and from one page to other. Also the structure can be maintained by naming the chapters or parts of the report separately. Vocabulary also is important for a dissertation. But that does not mean that you can use jargons everywhere. All these technical terms and jargons must be used only when necessary. Make a habit of defining the jargons in the glossary which will help the readers understands its meaning. This leaves a positive impression on the reviewers also.

Students with second languages always find it difficult to write reports using their second language be it English or some other language. In such cases students must approach a professional and take his/her help to over the obstacle of language. Also while translating the subject, care must be taken that the original essence or the idea and ideology are not changed. The language must be crisp and clear so that the reviewer can easily understand it. Make sure that there are figures, pictorial representations and statistical analysis in the study which can be easily understood. By doing so the language hurdle can be easily crossed.

Dissertation Editing Services for UK Students

There are a number of universities in the UK, which welcome students from all across the world for master’s courses. The non-native students compulsorily need the editing services to make sure that the research is evaluated fairly. We offer multiple round editing for these students, since they may need to make some corrections after the dissertation is edited and the first cut is delivered. Chapter-wise editing is done in such cases and the scholar is encouraged to discuss the corrections with his supervisor. The task of editing does not finish till the client is satisfied. This means that we take feedback from the students and also incorporate the changes suggested by the university instructors.

The standards of language and format that we follow match the international guidelines. We adhere to the Harvard style of formatting for UK dissertations editing. Since the Harvard style does not have a set guidebook, and can be followed with many variations, the students need to specify the precise requirements of the university before we start the editing work.

Use a document which is 8.5″ x 11″ for UK dissertations

Leave a margin of 1″ on all four sides

Double spacing is to be used throughout the document

Make a cover page with a header, the title of the dissertation, name of the writer, and name of the university

In text citation, as well as bibliographic citation, must include the name of the author of the book/ journal article/ magazine article/ online report, as well as the date of publication

Scholars from UK universities can contact for taking expert editing services by contacting our project managers and providing details of the dissertation, and those of the editing style to be followed.