Bringing Quality in Your Thesis, Step By Step!

It is always easy to get into the comfort zone and become easy about doing the work and the laxity you show in your effort comes out in your productivity. A slow down starts coming to you naturally. Do not ignore this and take it as a signal to change your focus of work and get into the finer details to understand where you are going wrong. Pick up the most difficult challenge first.

The moment you are awake from your lax attitude, do not move forward but first try to make corrections in what you have written already. Edit it and put in all that you have missed putting earlier. Include the relevant references. Invest time and deep thought over what you wish to say next so that whatever further work you do is synced up with the previous one in terms of detailing and quality standards.

When writing thesis, it is also always good to look at the content from the perspective of the examiner. Anticipate the questions that he may put up for you so that you deal with the challenges while the concept is still fresh in your mind and not later.

Know and remember that it is ok to be slow and easy in between but the objective of doing so should be to go in the detail and bring the best possible perfection in your work. If you do your work well and ensure that you have taken care of the finer details before moving to the next section you will be surely able to create and maintain the standards of quality and minute details in the content throughout your thesis.

What is a good quality section of your thesis made up of? We have been repeatedly talking about quality standards in content, but what do we understand by this and what are the parameters of good quality?  Firstly, it needs all references in place with all bibliographic information. The editing and formatting should be such of the section that it looks like the final thesis. The tables and figures used should be well designed and well captioned. The content should be so written that it flows from one point to next without any gaps that need to be filled later when the concept isn’t fresh in the mind any more you cannot match up the detail you wrote earlier

Remember that all these things will have to be done at some point surely, if you do not handle these issues section wise, you would have to do it at the end, hard pressed against time. The choice is yours, do it section wise or leave it for the end!

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