Are You One of Those Stressed Scholars?

There is a lot to be done and you can’t possibly imagine how to accomplish everything that is needed to be achieved and you become stressed and overwhelmed with the pressure. To begin with make a list. A detailed list of everything that needs to   be done , whether it is related to your PhD or no, it could be your assignments, reading, writing thesis, attending seminars,  doing grocery , laundry or maybe even a party. Listing out things is the first and most important step towards distressing. Only when you have the list of tasks to be accomplished, can you move towards scheduling them. Preferably make a weekly schedule for yourself. It will help you to be more organised and keep a tab on everything that needs to be done, how much is done and other things. There is indeed time to accommodate everything that needs to be accomplished. Keep achieving your goals and keep striking them off from the list.  It is feeling of accomplishment to see what all you have achieved and pat yourself on your back to know how much multi-tasking you are capable of and do everything with complete satisfaction and involvement.

Staying dissatisfied and unhappy becomes a vicious circle. Mostly scholars stay unhappy because of falling grades and then it further drains down their energies and becomes a hindrance in their academic effectiveness. This is not an unusual occurrence. One should not let emotional and social issues get into the way of your life. Unhappiness and stress is not something to live with and there are mature ways to deal with it, from getting a self book to even consulting a counsellor, one should opt for suitable remedies and solutions. Your emotional health and academic success have to go hand in hand so it is good to fight back and regain control of life. Keep a handle on both.

Dealing with anxiety is another major concern and it also does become a culprit in the way of effective performance of students. Feeling of inadequacy or belittling yourself often comes with comparison with peers. You should gain temporary control over your life by practicing relaxation techniques in anxious times. You should try becoming your best friend so that you can praise and acknowledge your own accomplishments.

One key thing to remember for reducing stress and anxiety that is easily manageable is not to procrastinate, take a lot of rest and do a lot of physical exercise.

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