All you need to know about selecting research topics

The process of research typically starts with selecting a topic that is in line with your chosen field of specialization. It must be of interest to you as well as your readers. It is quite possible that you will have a faint idea about the issues that are meaningful for a specific field of study. Then again, there is a risk that the topics which are commonly known have been discussed and written about innumerable times, and there is hardly any new insight to be added or angle to be explored. Of course you don’t want to sound repetitive in your all important thesis. Here are a few factors that a topic must satisfy:

Relevant: if you are studying banking and intend to pursue a career in international banking or micro financing, then the topic you select must be related to the concerned domain. This is important because you will be spending considerable time studying the topic and get a chance to communicate with experts. Your recruiters will also review your thesis and a relevant topic will boost your chances of bagging your dream job.

Original: this aspect is more about how you frame your topic and research question. It must offer extensive scope for innovative reporting and original insight. If you don’t have anything new to offer, why would anyone read your lengthy report?

Background information: while originality is of essence, make sure that adequate information is available. You will need primary data as well as secondary literature sources.

For selecting a research topic you can consult online databases, journal papers, encyclopedia and books. You can also have a look at relevant magazines, conference papers, etc. Get an idea about the issues that have been discussed by your peers in the past few years. Compare what different authors have written about similar topics. It is vital that you evaluate a few shortlisted topics and discuss them with your supervisor.

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    1. True, Chanakya research helped me in choosing best topic of my interest area when I was confused in b/w so many topics

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