A checklist before you actually start writing your thesis

Completion of master’s thesis gives you a great sense of accomplishment. It indeed is because you are contributing a unique addition in the existing body of academic knowledge.  But it doesn’t come easy. The sense of pride and accomplishment would only come after you have overcome many an odds in the journey. Taking up doctoral study as they say it is “Easier said than done”

 Out of all the challenges that your doctoral journey puts you through, getting kick-start is one of the biggest ones. So that you begin well and are able to proceed in a planned manner, we bring for your here an exhaustive technical checklist of the things that you need to do and should have prepared and planned in advance.

  1. Topic
  2. Supervisor
  3. Literature on your research area
  4. Methodology to be followed
  5. Funding(if required)
  6. Before you start your research, you need to know what you want to research about. Rather it is better and advisable to have a precise topic in your mind that you are passionate about and you feel will be worthy of quality research. When you chose your topic, be sure that it is something you are familiar with. It is not   as easy to have a topic ready ad it may require some amount of narrowing and trimming. Your chosen topic will help you to create your thesis statement and you need to do it after a lot of thought process.
  7. From among the members of your department, you must have a chosen supervisor who is willing to become your advisor and professional guide. Ensure that he or she has specialised knowledge  and is also well versed in the area of research
  8. Before actually proceeding with doctoral research you must be store house of knowledge in your area of research. It involves a lot of reading. It will let you know the gap in the existing research and in what ways is your research different from what has already been done.
  9. Your research has to be specific and at the same time valid and acceptable in the academic community. You would need your advisors help here and that is acceptable so do not shy away from doing so.
  10. Sometimes the research process involves lot of expenditure, especially when it involves equipment and material. If finances are your concern, you need to find a willing benefactor and prepare your foundation in such a way that your research sounds worthy of getting financed.

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