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Features of PhD Thesis Editing Services in India

  • Eliminating Errors

    We keep a thorough check upon grammar, diction, spelling, transition, and clarity in language and writing. Final document is delivered after conducting spell checks, grammar checks, checking for missing chapter or figure references and consistent capitalization of headings and subheadings.

  • Thesis Editing

    We offer substantive editing, ESL Editing and standard editing from which you can choose the suitable one for your thesis. These are the three levels of professional editing from expert PhD thesis editors intended to improve the overall quality of your thesis. You can get more information about PhD thesis editing services when consulting our research experts.

  • Plagiarism Check & Removal

    PhD scholars commit plagiarism unintentionally, this can happen because while assimilating the documents and trying to extract information from there. Our editors check and remove plagiarism from your thesis by locating the citations and referencing them in required format. We can also prepare a plagiarism report for you at additional costs.

  • Work Delivery

    We take three days to edit entire thesis but completion time may vary as per the intricacies and errors present in your thesis. Also, the completed work is delivered through email which includes two copies of your thesis; one would be a clean edited copy and other would be in a track changes mode in which all changes are highlighted.

Frequently Asked Questions for PhD Thesis Editing Services in India

  • What are the editing services you offer?
    Ans: Our editing team comprises of renowned authors who edit your documents with extreme delicacy. We offer 24*6 editing support. Editing your content, rephrasing, eliminating errors and standardized writing is followed in our editing process. As the editor will be from same research domain, there are possibilities that he/she may suggest you for further changes which can help in intrinsic improvement within the content.

  • How will I understand the editing done in my document?
    Ans: The work delivered will include track changes format file with highlighted changes as well as notes/comments by the editor which can be further made by you for improvisation. Also, an accepted format file will be shared which will be in clean and without track changes.

  • Are there any iterations possible?
    Ans: Post the work is delivered, you will have a period of 30 days and within this time period in case you find any possibilities of further changes within same scope of work, it can be looked into.

  • What are the additional perks of your editing service?
    Ans: The suggestions will be provided which you can look into for further improvements, however, while the service includes editing of the content, making changes in the research is not covered within same scope of work. We guarantee on time delivery editing service.

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