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Features of Concept Paper Writing Services

  • Apt Format & Structure

    We comply with the format & structure regarding the concept paper prescribed by your university or funding agency.

  • Supporting Documentation

    Along with writing concept paper, we suggest you documents, records, statistical data to support the need off your research project.

  • No Plagiarism

    Your original research idea and our unique writing produce potential concept paper for your research upon which you can base your full proposal.

  • Complete Support

    We offer 24*6 email, voice and video support to the scholars seeking concept paper help with writing their concept paper. Write in to us at

Frequently Asked Questions for Concept Paper Writing Service

  • How can I draft a convincing concept paper?
    Ans: Concept paper is summary of the topic you wish to research on and is a basic framework on which your study will be done. It is sent to universities for approval. Our research consultants will prove a helping hand in making your concept paper a commendable one.

  • What are the elements included in my concept paper?
    Ans: We focus on these main elements while drafting your concept paper;

    • The title of concept paper that’s a standalone statement, describing the thesis by summarizing the main idea of the manuscript.
    • Problem statement, framed in a way to convince the committee by giving an intriguing reason to carry out your research and expressing your keenness in investigating the problem.
    • A preliminary literature review, providing identification of major literature that supports and validates your topic.
    • Providing a preliminary view of research questions and objectives to be investigated.
    • An abridged methodology that provides you the best idea on how to conduct the research and analyze the data. Here we provide simplified or summarized methodology and framework served as a general outline of the methods that will be employed.
    • Milestones to provide much needed structure for managing sections of the project within a realistic time frame.
    • References to the material cited in the literature review and elsewhere in the concept paper.
  • What are the prerequisite documents I need to share?
    Ans:Please share your specialization and university details while requesting for a quote. If you have already selected your thesis topic, then you need to attach all the reference documents while requesting your quote for concept paper.

  • Will you guarantee on-time completion of my concept paper?
    Ans: As per the expected timeline/deadline provided by your university and your word with our consultants, we guarantee that our service is completely trustworthy and you receive the document before the deadline.

  • Can I share my ideas with the consultants while my concept paper is being prepared?
    Ans:While requesting the quote you may share your view points and previous background studies with our consultants. We also offer 24*6 email, voice and video support to the scholars seeking queries regarding their concept paper.

  • Will you brief about the research papers with respect to my research topic?
    Ans: Yes. With expert reviewers, briefing on minimum of 25 research papers related to your research domain will be done.

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