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A research paper or journal article is a short document depicting a brief study pertaining to the respective doctoral thesis. Research papers are submitted to appropriate journals for publication. However, publication of research paper in the journal is purely based on the review received from the editors/publishers of the journal. Normally, journal organizations seek the following aspects in a typical journal paper:

  • Originality.
  • Innovation.
  • Technical Merit.
  • Applicability.
  • English language and formatting.
  • Relevance of the paper to the topic.


Research papers are classified into two parts pertaining to the theory building, and theory testing and these get further categorized into:

  • Conceptual Research Papers.
  • Empirical Research Papers.

Conceptual research papers involve documentation of different types of research works. For instance, a conceptual paper may text the outcome of theoretically processing existing research works in forms such as its review or synthesis. Conceptual research papers generally avoid testing of hypothesis or collection of primary data on empirical reality.

Empirical research papers follow another approach; they document the process and outcome of a study aimed at assessing, whether there is empirical support for one or more hypotheses. These normally include a short theory building leading to the development of one or more hypotheses. The next section of these journals papers is research methods. Typically, these include the description of the sample of respondents from whom the data has been collected, the nature of the data collection process, the scales used to measure different variables and the specifications of the data analysis performed. This work is normally followed by sections reporting the results of data analysis, and further conclusions are drawn.

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