PhD Thesis Editing Services By Professional Editors

Pursuing a doctorate is a tough task and no one wants to spoil the chance of getting the coveted degree and an impressive rank because of some minute mistakes in the PhD thesis. All scholars doing a PhD from the UK universities need to write a thesis, documenting the research work that they conduct over the duration of the PhD course. The process and outcome of the research is to be documented in a form which is presentable and adds value to the research fraternity. Thesis Editing is a process for perfecting the document before it is presented to the review committee.

At Chanakya Research, we are dedicated to provide PhD thesis editing service by professional editors. The editors are experienced in handling academic projects and well versed in various styles used for theses editing, like Harvard, MLA and APA. They examine each project closely so that there are no chances for any type of flaw, whether it is related to fact, language, spelling or formatting. This makes editing an iterative process and the editors must be given sufficient time to thoroughly check the entire document. The editorial team assigns an editor who is well-versed with the topic of thesis, and the editor may then collaborate with statisticians or other subject matter experts for help. So, it becomes a collaborative process, which also involves the scholar. Feedback is taken as each chapter of thesis is edited for making sure that the work is on track. The editors give suggestions for improvements in the editorial report.


Copy editing is the first step for checking the validity and reliability of the thesis content. It involves the following tasks:

  • Checking of spellings and technical terms
  • Punctuations check for comma, full-stop, quotation marks, semi colon and colons.
  • Size and style of font
  • Paragraph structure and continuity
  • Sentence structure and coherence
  • Headings and sub-headings (capitalization, placement and italicization)
  • Formatting and order of chapters
  • Logical flow between chapters
  • Checking facts like names, dates and quotes
  • Grammar and syntax assessment

The language is kept purely academic, and all phrases/ jargons are checked by the editors. The relevance of references used is examined and suggestions are made for adding references in the bibliography. Even analytical tools are checked to make sure that the results are accurate. The editors suggest inclusion of graphs and tables for improving the thesis. The PhD Thesis editing service takes 5-7 days, depending upon the complexity and length of the document.

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