Dissertation Defense Preparation Service

Dissertation defense is the procedure that significantly determines whether you have been able to make an impressive research document or not. It is mostly conducted as a viva or oral examination in the respective universities by the appointed research committee. Many management courses also require a presentation to be made along with the viva. Whatever is the expected and stipulated method of defense, it needs ample and detailed preparation, since a novice researcher has to defend his research in front of an expert committee. Hence, availing professional dissertation defense preparation service from experienced team comes in very handy and useful.

The process of Dissertation Defense Preparation service offered at Chanakya Research is comprehensive and includes assistance for all aspects of the dissertation. The process starts with understanding the research work and all the elements incorporated in it. The validity of the variables, as well as reliability of the results, is tested primarily by the mentors. After this, they assess the strengths and weaknesses of the research. This SWOT analysis enables the team to prepare a scheme for defense preparation. They can get an idea of the questions that may be asked, the points where the student might falter, and the aspects that must be highlighted.


After making their plan of action, the mentors at Chanakya Research assess the level of understanding of the scholar and judge the way, in which he must prepare. They focus on the statistical part if the research is a quantitative one; while emphasis will be on the details of data gathering, as well as rationality of research questions in case of a qualitative research. Whatever be the methodology, the researcher must be conversant with each aspect of the research and must be able to answer questions about the choices made and tests applied. The team that helps a student in preparing for dissertation defense comprises of talented and experienced academic writers, statisticians, as well as research guides who conduct defense procedures in reputed colleges in various universities.

Since most Review Committees want to see a copy of the dissertation at least a week before the defense is scheduled, the task of dissertation writing must be completed in time. In fact, a scholar must keep at least a month for the defense preparation since it is very important to be familiar with all aspects of the thesis and practice answering the questions suggested by the professional guides. The mentors suggest the tools, like charts, images and data sheets, which will assist in explaining the research points. The mentors also take up the task to prepare the scholar mentally for facing the defense, as he needs to be self-assured, confident and thoroughly prepared. All the above mentioned reasons make it imperative to place an order for dissertation defense help service at Chanakya Research, while there is still time.

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