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As the first step in the dissertation preparation process, the proposal deserves adequate attention and in depth study. A proposal is a synopsis, and acts as a blueprint for the dissertation. Chanakya Research provides customized services for the preparation of proposal, ensuring that it is approved by the research committee in the very first attempt. PhD dissertation proposal help is offered for scholars of USA and Canadian universities, and covers proposals requiring a maximum length of 3000 words.

PhD writers for dissertation proposal writing follow a step wise process. The first step is that of topic selection. The following steps include help for all the chapters of the proposal, like introduction, aim, objective and scope of the study, literature review, data analysis and conclusion. The proposal is also concerned with the methodology that the research will follow, the hypothesis, and research questions. The proposal writing service leads the scholar to identify the motive of research and explain it in the introduction chapter.


The hypothesis is stated in the literature review, along with the references. In this chapter, assistance is provided for selecting the references which will be used in the research, as well as for forming the hypothesis. References have to be authentic, scholarly and relevant to the topic. The mentors provide assistance in identifying the relation that the references have with the current work. The rationale for using the work as a reference must be mentioned in the review.

The most complex part of the proposal is the Research Methodology chapter. The mentor offers necessary guidance for making the research design and taking vital decisions. The proposal must identify the requirement for data, the source from where it will be collected, and the method for data collection. It must also specify the data analysis methods since the review committee must get an idea of the analysis to be done in the dissertation before they approve it. All these aspects are covered under the service for PhD Dissertation Proposal by Chanakya Research; the mentors recommend the most suitable data collection methods, as well as statistical tests and programs which would surely satisfy the research committee.

Academic writers and PhD statisticians, acquainted with the style of proposals required in universities of USA, provide assistance for proposal writing and defense preparation. Presentation for a proposal must be well prepared and practiced some days before the defense is scheduled. Scholars have the option of taking the entire package for PhD dissertation proposal help or for hiring a segment of the service, like help for a chapter or defense preparation only. The entire package costs $195. The price can also be negotiated as per the amount of work demanded by the client.

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